Every child am wanting to know, "how ABC"? Friendly Mupt Kurm Frog am here to explain. Controls Kurm with mouse or touch and destroy all barrier stand between frog and educations. Having fun am mandatory, or gulag for Kurm!

Winner of the 2017 Awfuljams competition and the coveted Golden Marionette Prize for Excellence in Amphibian Software (NOTE: Golden Marionette prize may be fictional)

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Educational
TagsFrogs, Physics


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Have unlocking Fozbear and Pigwife where find for wearing?


Wait this is from 2017? I would have guessed like mid 2020. Very fun Krum Frog game.

the second tomato throw thing iz v hord
2 hord for smol child


ah yes... kerm frog


ha I thought this was a newer game

thank u ver educational

yeah same lol


I want Kurm Frog to kiss me


this is so damn cute im gonna cry


it's been loading for 5 minutes and the loading screen has literally given me ptsd

MAJOR THROWBACK to my deprived childhood! Kurm is too pure for this world and doesn't belong in prison! #savekurmfrog


deeper than frog fractions

We played this on our little game design show! It was absolutely charming, and delightfully dark. Looking forward to the next game!