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Have unlocking Fozbear and Pigwife where find for wearing?


Wait this is from 2017? I would have guessed like mid 2020. Very fun Krum Frog game.

the second tomato throw thing iz v hord
2 hord for smol child


ah yes... kerm frog


ha I thought this was a newer game

thank u ver educational

yeah same lol


I want Kurm Frog to kiss me


this is so damn cute im gonna cry


it's been loading for 5 minutes and the loading screen has literally given me ptsd

MAJOR THROWBACK to my deprived childhood! Kurm is too pure for this world and doesn't belong in prison! #savekurmfrog


deeper than frog fractions

We played this on our little game design show! It was absolutely charming, and delightfully dark. Looking forward to the next game!